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What Is A Mortgage Broker?
  • Expert in mortgage financing who shops the mortgage market for the best rate, term and product for you, the consumer
  • Licensed through the Ministry of Financial Institutions
  • Directly linked to over 50 banks, Trust Companies, Credit Unions, Mortgage Companies
  • It is estimated that 25% of all new mortgage business in Canada presently comes from Mortgage Brokers

Benefits From Using A Mortgage Broker

  • We make banks compete for your business - the competition usually means lower rates for you, the consumer
  • We do the shopping for you which saves you time and frustration
  • We know current mortgage trends and we can advise you of the best product available to suit your needs
  • We give you fast and professional service
  • We work for you, the borrower; but in most cases the lender pays us, not the consumer

Who Pays Us?

  • Mortgage Brokers get finder's fees from the lenders and therefore the consumer gets the professional service at no cost
  • Banks, Trust Companies, and Mortgage Companies recognize the Mortgage Brokers are the top mortgage experts in the field and they greatly support the Broker channel

Who Should Use A Mortgage Broker?

  • First time buyers or anyone purchasing residential or commercial property
  • Clients who want the absolute best rate and term available for their situation
  • Clients who want to save thousands on interest costs
  • Clients who want quick, professional service
  • Clients who are shopping their mortgage renewal
  • Clients who are consolidating, renovating or refinancing

Bank Turndowns

If you have ever been turned down for financing due to past credit problems, income verication problems, etc., we may be able to help.  We also have access to mortgage products for clients who don't fit the normal bank criteria.  The rates and terms available are very competitive for qualified applicants.  In certain situations, a very nominal brokerage fee may be required due to the degree of difficulty in obtaining a satisfactory mortgage approval.  However, this will be discussed and disclosed very early in the process.

How Do You Apply?

There is absolutely no cost to apply for mortgage approval.  This can be done by filling in the application form online, calling the application in over the phone, or by fax.  If it is just information your require, please do not hesitate to call and speak to our mortgage specialist one on one.  We welcome your inquiries and hope to be able to serve you with all your mortgage needs.

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